The Tourism of the Stars is an emerging segment of the tourist industry which, not only does it have a cultural and economic value itself, but it also becomes a mobilisation element for other activities and facilities in areas which, even though they have nature as their main value, need to widen their offer and implement features of dynamization for their economy.

This new Tourism of the Stars demands the ability of “Starlight Astronomical Monitors and Guides”, specialized in guiding groups during the night and the day, so that visitors, in addition to enjoying nature, may enrich, through dissemination, their knowledge of the Universe, discerned this one with the naked eye or with simple instruments of observation and perceiving that Nature and Universe are the same reality from which we humans are a member of.

The Starlight Foundation, bearing in mind the peculiarities and the high standards of the current and future demand  of what we call star tourism, is the entity in charge of teaching these Courses, supported by the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, which have a great acceptance and which have been held in several places of the world.

Likewise, the Starlight Foundation also organizes and teaches other type of courses such as the ones intended to train Starlight Auditors or lighting technicians and Initiation Courses to Star tourism or of creation of star tourism product, among others.

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