Both scientific tourism in general and astronomical tourism in particular are a novel niche in the tourist industry which are in their very early stages. There is, therefore, no tradition and sometimes the qualification of a location as a Starlight Destination, far from being an end, is the beginning which serves to promote the development of this activity.

Historia Fundación Starlight

The Starlight Foundation offers its experience and the ability to offer specific consultancy for each destination so as to develop its full potential in this type of tourism, including, in many cases, the personalization of success stories from other places.

 This work involves different tasks: the study of the specific nature to each site in order to ensure that the appropriate infrastructure is available today and in the future, including the possible creation of a Stellarium; the design of routes and star observation points; the design of astronomy-related recreational activities for the public, special events (eclipses, passing comets, meteor showers, planetary alignments, involvement in activities of international celebrations, etc.); programs for teachers and students in schools; the recovery of empty buildings for exhibitions; the study of archaeological remains related to astronomy; the design of guide books on astrotourism; awareness-raising among the owners of the rural houses in order to improve their offer to their customers; the training of astronomical monitors; the design of combined nature-astronomy activities; the creation of activities with groups of amateur astronomers, involving them with the public; astrophotography activities, etc.


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