Premios Starlight


The Starlight Foundation calls, for the second consecutive year, the International Starlight Awards, as a recognition system to institutions, associations, administrations and public or private companies, or to individuals, inside or outside the territory certified as Starlight (although it will prevails those who are part of our network), in four modalities, all of them based in our Magna Carta, the “Starlight Declaration” or “Declaration of La Palma”, in defence of the night sky and the right to Starlight.

These four modalities are:

1. Intelligent lighting and Innovation

Preventing the lighting pollution and promoting intelligent lighting options is one of the objectives of the Starlight Foundation. The intention with this award is to recognize those projects and/or citizen initiatives in defense of the dark sky.

2. Star-tourism and company development linked to the protection of the sky

The Starlight Foundation joins for the first time science and tourism through the international certification Starlight system, with the aim of preserving the dark sky in the certified places and of promoting the diffusion of astronomy, through this emerging and singular tourism which is the tourism of the stars.
The dark sky is a sustainable economy engine, through star-tourism and it is the driving force of the development of business activities where the starred sky is the natural resource. The Foundation intends to recognize the best initiatives in this field.

3. Education and diffusion of the astronomy

We all know that the grounds for a better future of our planet and its sky is to have a more and better trained and informed society. With this award, we intend to make a recognition to those activities, initiatives, events, etc. intended for our children and young people and for the society in general, to raise awareness and spread the direct and indirect benefits of the protection of the dark sky and for the diffusion of astronomy.

4. Better Starlight accommodation

The Starlight accommodations (houses and rural hotels, paradors, campsites, inns, etc.) constitute an accreditation granted by the Starlight Foundation to those establishments which in addition to offering an excellent lodging quality, offer their gusts activities of star-tourism and become defenders and propagators of the Starlight Declaration. This award intends to highlight those innovative activities developed in these accommodations and actions performed which have entailed a socio-economic dynamization for their territory.

Similarly, in addition to the awardees in each modality, there will be a special mention or recognition to another four projects or territories.

It is a non-profit initiative; therefore, the awards are not remunerated neither will they entail any expense neither contract relationship with the awardees. The commitment of the Starlight Foundation is to give it a greater international diffusion through an official press release, diffusion in social networks and in international conferences which we attend, a digitalized logo of the award and a trophy which will be given in June 2021, within the framework of the “I International Astrotourism Conference by Starlight”, which will take place in Évora (Portugal) from the 3rd to the 5th of June.

In order to apply, the following form must be fulfilled before 30 October 2020.

The awards will be published before 15 December. The jury who will determine the awardees, will be constituted by the Trustees of the Starlight Foundation and its director.
In the following link, you may have access to the grounds of the awards:
Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias
Coorporación 5