Starlight Reserve

A Starlight Reserve is a protected natural area where a commitment to protecting the quality of the night sky and access to starlight is established.


Starlight Tourist Destination

Starlight Tourist Destinations are locations with ideal conditions for observing the stars and where light pollution is controlled. This makes them logical destinations for tourism based on the appreciation of the sky as part of the natural world.


Other Modalities

Among the Other Modalities, the Starlight Foundation includes the Starlight Accommodations, establishments with ideal conditions for astrotourism.


Starlight Training

The Starlight Foundation offers courses aimed at different sectors. The objectives that are pursued with all the formations that are promoted by the Foundation are:

Value and protect the quality of the starry sky.

Extend the love of astronomy to society.

Generate economy around the contemplation and interpretation of the starry sky.

Access the courses


Starlight Fest 2020

In addition to the virtual conferences, this initiative has created through discussions a Guide of Good Practices in Astrotourism.

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