Call for applications for the 5th International Starlight Awards is open

The Starlight Foundation is accepting applications for its annual awards from today through July 31, 2024.

2024 / 05 / 02

The Starlight Foundation, this year in its fifth edition, presents the International Starlight Awards as a system of recognition to institutions, associations, administrations and public or private companies or individuals, inside or outside the Starlight certified territory (although it is important that they are part of our network), in four modalities, all based on our Magna Carta, the "Starlight Declaration" or "Declaration of La Palma", in defense of the night sky and the right to the light of the stars.

These four modalities are:

1. Smart Lighting and Innovation 

Preventing light pollution and promoting intelligent lighting options is one of the goals of the Starlight Foundation. This award is intended to recognize those projects and/or citizen initiatives in defense of the dark sky.

2. Astrotourism: the sky as an engine for sustainable development

For the first time, the Starlight Foundation is bringing together science and tourism through the Starlight International Certification System, with the goal of preserving dark skies at certified sites and promoting astronomy through this emerging and unique form of tourism, astrotourism.

The dark sky is an engine of sustainable economy through astrotourism and is a driver for the development of business activities where the starry sky is the natural resource. The Foundation aims to recognize the best initiatives in this sector.

3. Education and promotion of astronomy

We all know that the basis for a better future of our planet and its skies is a more and better educated and informed society. With this award, we want to recognize those activities, initiatives, events, etc. that are aimed at our children and young people, and at society in general, to raise awareness and spread the direct and indirect benefits of protecting the dark skies and promoting astronomy.

4. Best Starlight Accommodation

Starlight Lodging (rural houses and hotels, paradors, campsites, hostels, etc.) is an accreditation granted by the Starlight Foundation to those establishments that, in addition to providing excellent quality accommodation, offer their guests astrotourism activities and become advocates and propagators of the Starlight Declaration. This award aims to recognize the innovative activities developed in these accommodations and the actions undertaken that have meant a socio-economic revitalization of their territory.

premios encuentro cuencaWinners and Honorees of the IV International Starlight Awards/Author: Diego J. Casillas/ Credit: Starlight Foundation

The judges for these awards are the trustees and management of the Starlight Foundation.

Nominations must be submitted via a form on the Starlight Foundation website by July 31, 2024.


Nominees will be notified of the judges' decision by email before September 10, 2024.

In each of the modalities, the prize will consist of a trophy and a diploma.

The winners in each modality will be promoted on the Starlight Foundation website, social networks and communication channels.

The Starlight Awards Ceremony will take place during the "II International Conference on Astrotourism and VII Starlight Meeting" to be held in Costa da Morte from October 1 to 4, 2024.

In addition to these awards, the Starlight Foundation may present "Starlight Awards" throughout the year to any municipality, town, city council, rural development association, amateur astronomy association, foundation, etc. that distinguishes itself in any of these modalities. The aim is to make these actions, sometimes unknown and little appreciated, visible and to promote them as an example to be followed by the rest of the world.


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