Presentation of the Starlight Photographic Guide: Where to find the best night skies in Spain?

Photographers Fernando Rey and Glendor Díaz invite you to discover 80 locations in 36 protected areas and tourist destinations certified by the Starlight Foundation.

2024 / 03 / 28

The essence of our territory under a thousand stars. The Starlight Photographic Guide brings together the best places to photograph the most spectacular nocturnal landscapes in Spain. An invitation to visit more than 80 locations in 36 Reserves and Tourist Destinations certified by the Starlight Foundation, where you will find tips and recommendations for taking the best pictures of these unique landscapes.

Promoted by the Starlight Foundation through the project Starlight Network Spain: A Universe of Experiences, funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan with Next Generation Funds, this guide has traveled throughout the national territory selecting the places that boast the best night skies, not only for their characteristics suitable for observing the firmament, but also for their commitment to preserve and reduce as much as possible the silent invasion of light pollution.

guía fotográfica starlightAtlantic Islands National Park, Vigo

This was explained by the photographers Fernando Rey and Glendor Díaz during the official presentation of this work, which took place on Tuesday afternoon at the Visitor Center of the Atlantic Islands, in the city of Vigo, in the presence of Mr. José Antonio Fernández Bouzas, Director of the National Park, and Ms. Antonia Varela, Director of the Starlight Foundation.

This guide, said Fernando Rey, "is aimed at all amateurs and those interested in night landscape photography, and offers a reference of where to enjoy the best skies and how to capture the most striking images of each space". And he added that "the best places for night photography are those that offer not only quality skies, but also unique landscapes and places".

"If we count the good months to see the Milky Way in Spain, remove the lunar days and add the weather conditions, we found the need to plan everything extremely well before each session", explained Glendor Díaz this adventure that led them to travel thousands of kilometers of national territory during 2023.

guía fotográfica starlightPresentation of the Starlight Guide /& Credit: Starlight Foundation by

Thus, after an arduous search, selection, organization and creation work carried out by the production company LUZLUX, these photography professionals have created images that combine those starry skies with the most representative landscapes of the territory, along with the best ingredients that flavor the photographs that make up the "Starlight Photographic Guide", available through the web and app.

Jose Antonio Fernández Bouzas highlighted that the Atlantic Islands National Park, one of the protagonist landscapes of the guide, has been involved in the protection of the night sky since it was certified as a Starlight Tourist Destination in 2016, and has also seen how visitors to the islands are increasingly attracted by the activities related to the night sky that they offer, such as the Starlight Photographic Marathon.

guía fotográfica starlightPresentation of the Starlight Guide /Credit: Starlight Foundation by

Ms. Antonia Varela gave a presentation on the history of the Starlight Foundation, the need to protect the sky and what Starlight Spaces are, as well as the importance of this guide and the support of the Ministry to inspire and promote new astro-tourism experiences in our country, while highlighting the value of the natural resource of the night sky and the values associated with it.

Varela highlighted the work being done in Galicia, which has six Starlight Tourist Destinations in addition to the Atlantic Islands National Park: Trevinca, Lalín, Mariñas Coruñesas, Anacres Lucenses and Costa da Morte, which will also host the 2024 Starlight Meeting.

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