Results of the trip to New York, SDG18 closer to reality

Starlight Foundation and BPW Spain presented SDG18 at the Commission on the Status of Women CSW67, a side event at the United Nations.

2023 / 03 / 13

Since March 2, Antonia Varela has been in New York as a representative of the Starlight Foundation and as president of BPW Canarias (Business and Professional Women), to continue advocating before the United Nations Council for the defense of the quality of the sky and access to starlight through SDG18, a pact between the Starlight Foundation and BPW Spain, resulting from the Declaration of La Palma.

This SDG has already been submitted and registered with the UN Commission on the Status of Women number sixty-six (CSW66).

csw67 bpw ods18

Varela attended the BPW Leader Summit, where this new goal and the creation of the network of SDG18 Ambassadors was presented on March 2 and 3 at the Harmony Club in New York, and a side event held in the framework of the Commission on the Status of Women CSW67 at the United Nations in New York, whose main theme was the challenges and opportunities to achieve gender equality and empowerment of rural women and girls, organized by AFAMMER (Association of Families and Women in Rural Areas).

At the end of this event, the National President of AFAMMER, Carmen Quintanilla, a woman with a long and brilliant career, was awarded the title of SDG18 Ambassador.

The ceremony was presided by Silvia Vigatá, President of BPW Spain, and Antonia Varela, Director of the Starlight Foundation and President of BPW Canarias.

Carmen showed her enthusiasm and commitment to be a standard bearer for SDG18 and her desire to support this challenging campaign promoted by BPW Spain and the Starlight Foundation.

csw67 bpw ods18Silvia Vigatá, Carmen Quintanilla and Antonia Varela/ Credit: BPW Spain

In addition to these appointments, the Starlight Foundation will provide a 12-hour course for BPW members to train them as BPW SDG18 Ambassadors.

This great coalition, of which Quintanilla is already a member and which makes it possible to have a global network of Ambassadors of the Sky, has as its main objective to disseminate, communicate, promote and attract new allies to join the international signature campaign to demand before the UN the protection of the sky and access to starlight.

This SDG is based on the principles of the La Palma Declaration, in which the sky is considered an inalienable right of humanity.

csw67 bpw ods18Antonia Varela at the CSW67/ Crédito: BPW Spain

On the other hand, the director of the Starlight Foundation celebrated International Women's Day, March 8, in New York, where this worldwide celebration began, and worked for equality. In the CSW67, representatives from more than 27 countries have dedicated to analyze the role of women today, especially the importance of digitalization and education in technology has been addressed.

Some data show that only 57% of women have access to the Internet, 75% of jobs by 2050 will be related to STEM careers. In this perspective, it is necessary to look for solutions to reduce the digital divide and promote scientific careers among women.

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