Maroma, a Belmond Hotel Riviera Maya, first Starlight Accommodation for astrotourism in Riviera Maya

This luxurious resort hotel is along the private beach of Maroma, offering one of the best places for star-tourism in Mexico.

2023 / 07 / 25

There is a cozy labyrinth of pristine wilderness in the world that takes you to the heart of the Riviera Maya. The Maroma, a Belmond Hotel Riviera Maya is protected by the exuberant jungle and borders turquoise Caribbean Sea; This idyllic and sumptuous resort effortlessly shows one of the best places for stargazing in Mexico, why it has received the certificate as Starlight Accommodation, the first in the country.

The Starlight Cottages and Hotels are a qualification granted by the Starlight Foundation to those establishments that, in addition to offering an accredited lodging quality, become propagators of the values contained in the La Palma Declaration. 

In addition, they provide their clients with information about Starlight and some means for astronomical observation and are involved as active agents in the propagation of astronomical culture, offering simple facilities for night observation.

maroma belmondCredit: The Maroma, a Belmond Hotel Riviera Maya

The Maroma, A Belmond Hotel Riviera Maya is a space of enchanting natural refinement, a Mexican getaway nestled between lush, vibrant jungle and the sea, where a world of wellness, craft, and gastronomy lives in harmony with the surrounding nature of the Yucatan.

This Starlight accommodation allows you to enjoy the firmament in one of the most beautiful natural paradises in the world.

The 72 rooms of this resort are located along the private beach of Maroma, most of them have views of the sea. The new Maroma, a Belmond Hotel Riviera Maya, features 10 new oceanfront suites, a nature-focused wellness experience in collaboration with Guerlain, innovative sustainable initiatives, and a new era of dining under the helm of Mexican Executive Chef Daniel Camacho.

Fully renovated according to sacred, timeless principles, this hideaway in the beating heart of the Riviera Maya is now open with Mayan culture at its core.

From wellness and spirituality to colorful and contemporary cuisine, Maroma finds itself between the traces of a magnificent civilization and a vibrant present.

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