Hoces de Segovia will be one of the last Starlight Tourist Destinations in 2023.

More than forty municipalities have been accredited with this quality label for astrotourism.

2023 / 12 / 18

The territory included in the Hoces de Segovia extends from the Duratón to the Riaza gorges. A landscape characterized by the passage of rivers, nature, beautiful towns and also has a clear night sky.

After reviewing the background information and documentation gathered by the Starlight Foundation, as well as the field work carried out by the experts appointed for this purpose, "Hoces de Segovia" has been certified as a Starlight Tourist Destination.

Obtaining the Starlight certification for this Castilian-Leonese area is part of the initiative of the Provincial Council, thanks to the Tourism Sustainability Plan "Hoces de Segovia" of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed by the EU with Next Generation Funds, and the Junta de Castilla y León.

This certification has been granted for the next four years, after which it will be verified that the necessary conditions for its maintenance are still met. However, at the end of the first two years, those responsible for the area must submit a progress report to the Starlight Foundation that reflects the progress made in complying with the recommendations in the report.

hices de segociaCredit: Prodestur

Thus, Hoces de Segovia is now included in the list of Starlight Sites, in the Starlight Tourist Destination category, defined as places with good conditions for stargazing, protected from light pollution, and suitable for hosting tourism initiatives related to the contemplation of the sky as an essential part of nature.

From now on, the Starlight Destination Hoces de Segovia will have to accredit not only the quality of its skies and the means to guarantee their protection, but also the appropriate infrastructures and activities related to the tourist offer, such as accommodation, observation facilities available to visitors, training of personnel in charge of astronomical interpretation and its integration with the nocturnal nature.

The Councillor for Tourism, Javier Figueredo, expressed his satisfaction with the news received and stressed that "the granting of this certification will attract tourism to the area; tourism interested in the night sky, which will stay overnight, respectful of the environment and aware of the sustainability of the destinations".

The municipalities of Segovia that will benefit from this certification are Alconada de Maderuelo, Adealengua de Sta. María, Aldeanueva de la Serrezuela, Aldeonte, Ayllón, Barbolla, Bercimuel, Boceguillas, Campo de San Pedro, Carabias, Castillejo de Mesleón, Castro de Fuentidueña, Castoserracín, Cedillo de la Torre, Cerezo de Arriba, Cilleruelo de San Mamés, Corral de Ayllón, Encinas, Fresno de Cantespino, Fresno de la Fuente, Grajera, Languilla, Maderuelo, Montejo de la Vega, Moral de Hornuez, Navares de Ayuso, Navares de Enmedio, Navares de la Cueva, Pajarejos, Riaguas de San Bartolomé, Riaza, Ribota, Sebúlcor, Sepúlveda, Sequera de Fresno, Sotillo, Torreadrada, Ureñas, Valdevacas de Montejo, Valle de Tabladillo and Villaverde de Montejo.

Antonia Varela, director of the Starlight Foundation, has pointed out that the awarding of this certificate is "a commitment by the new Starlight Tourist Destination to the quality of its skies and the beginning of a stage of progress for the development of astro-tourism in the province, with the promotion of the training of guides trained to lead groups at night and disseminate astronomical knowledge".

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