Starlight Foundation takes starring role at IAU meeting in Ethiopia

IAUS 386: Dark skies and astronomical heritage to boost astrotourism around the globe

2023 / 11 / 23

Under the title "Dark skies and astronomical heritage to boost astrotourism around the globe", the 386th session of the IAU was held in Ethiopia, in which the Starlight Foundation, through its Director, Antonia Varela, member of the International Astronomical Union, played a very active role.

From 13 to 17 November in Addis Ababa, at the IAUS 386 meeting, issues related to the protection of the sky were discussed and raised, and it was also possible to learn about the experiences being developed in different continents, especially in Africa. Through this exchange, many countries, especially the host country Ethiopia, see astrotourism as a sustainable model to follow.

Antonia Varela participated as one of the main speakers, giving a presentation in which she explained the work of the Starlight Foundation, from its origins to its current and future strategies, which aim to develop a sustainable development model according to the standards of the 2030 Agenda.

In this line, the Director of the Starlight Foundation has also requested, in this international astronomical forum, the support of the SDG18 Alliance in favour of making the night sky and the right to starlight a Sustainable Development Goal.

The Starlight Foundation, through Varela, was also present at the final conclusions of IAUS 386 and moderated one of the sessions.

Finally, it should be noted that after this enriching experience, the Starlight Foundation has established contacts with new countries, including new continents, in addition to Africa.

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