Domos del Silencio, new Starlight Lodging in Argentina

Located in the Barreal Blanco Private Reserve, west of El Leoncito Natural Park, known for the quality of its skies.

2022 / 08 / 03

The Barreal Blanco Private Reserve is located in the western foothills of the Western Precordillera, in the department of Calingasta, in the province of San Juan, Argentina. It is home to the Domos del Silencio lodge, which has received the Starlight seal for the quality of its night sky, making it the third certified lodge in Argentina.

It belongs to the network of private reserves of the conservationist organization Aves Argentinas, being declared a Condor Sanctuary for the Conservation of Nature by the Bioandina Foundation, and has the endorsement of El Leoncito National Park, El Leoncito Astronomical Complex and the Municipality of Calingasta, as well as its Secretary of Tourism.

domos del silencioCredit: Barreal Blanco Private Reserve

The Starlight Cottages and Hotels are a qualification granted by the Starlight Foundation to those establishments that, in addition to offering an accredited lodging quality, become propagators of the values contained in the La Palma Declaration. In addition, they provide their clients with information about Starlight and some means for astronomical observation and are involved as active agents in the propagation of astronomical culture, offering simple facilities for night observation.

A rural house in a unique environment

The Barreal Blanco Reserve is located in the western foothills of the Western Precordillera and covers approximately 5905 hectares. It is located to the west of El Leoncito National Park, known for its astronomical complex and, therefore, for its excellent sky quality. This area has an average of 270 to 300 clear nights per year.

domos del silencio

In the area you can enjoy tourist, recreational and sports activities during the day (hiking, biking, climbing) while at night you can enjoy guided tours offered by the two scientific observatories located in El Leoncito National Park (Casleo and CESCO Station) and in Los Domos del silencio.

In addition, this private reserve stands out for having a section of the Inca Trail (Qhapaq Ñan) considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO; the exceptional atmospheric conditions that allow research and contemplation of the sky; the presence of a plant community dominated by the Bulnesia Retama scrub (provincial flower) and the presence of the geomorphological unit Pampa de El Leoncito, internationally recognized.

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