The Starlight Foundation collaborates in the implementation of 7 astro-volcanic interpretative tables on El Teide

The action has been developed together with Turismo de Tenerife with the aim of enhancing the qualities of the National Park as a tourist resource.

2017 / 05 / 15

Starlight Foundation. The purpose of the installation of these 7 interpretive tables is to provide more information to visitors about the resources of the Teide National Park, relating sky, planets, stars and volcanoes.

This initiative, funded by the Ministry of Culture and with the participation of astrophysicists from the IAC (Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands), aims to revalue El Teide, which is the most visited National Park in Spain and Europe, with three million visitors a year.

Achieving higher quality and environmental sustainability are the key elements of this project. Each information panel focuses on a different aspect. In this way you can learn about the secret shared by El Teide and the sun or landscapes of another planet at our fingertips - Minas de San José viewpoint -; the time at which El Teide was formed - Tabonal Negro viewpoint -; the presence of Tenerife's mountains on the moon - Roques de García viewpoint -; test territories to find out if there is life on Mars -Mirador de los Azulejos-; or to know if El Teide would be a giant on Mars -Mirador Llano de Ucanca-; and even to know a catalog of eruptions in the solar system -Museo Juan Évora parking lot-.

Staff training

Along with the installation of these interpretive tables, additional training has been given to tourist information personnel and to companies that develop leisure activities in nature, related to astro-volcanic spaces. In addition, a course has been given to enable them to work as guides in the Teide National Park.

Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias
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