I International Astrotourism Conference by Starlight: September 8-11, 2021

The Starlight event postpone its celebration date to September, still in the city of Evora.

2021 / 02 / 24

The “I International Astrotourism Conference by Starlight”, initially scheduled for June 2021, has been postponed to September 8-11, 2021 (date conditioned to the evolution of the pandemic), to guarantee the safety of all attendees and maximize the possibility of assistance.

The venue will be the Espírito Santo College Auditorium of the University of Évora (Portugal). The Portuguese city, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is the ideal enclave and belongs to the first Starlight Tourist Destination of the world, Dark Sky Alqueva.

Évora AlquevaDiana"s temple in Évora/ Credit: Miguel Claro

Astrotourism is a form of responsible and sustainable tourism that takes place in open spaces, not overcrowded, safe and attractive, combining science and knowledge with quality experiences, and which is supplying an important boost to local socioeconomic development, especially in rural areas while preserving the cultural, environmental and biodiversity heritage associated with the night sky.

The I International Astrotourism Conference by Starlight will feature the participation of experts who will address the challenges and opportunities of astrotourism internationally from different perspectives. It is organized and sponsored by the Starlight Foundation, the Dark Sky Association and with the collaboration of the University of Évora and the Interdisciplinary Centre of History, Culture and Societies (CIDEHUS, University of Évora), and with the support of the Scientific Tourism Working Group of Affiliate members of the UNWTO.

On September 8, it will be held the II Meeting of Starlight Monitors and Guides, a meeting of people trained by the Starlight Foundation, open to university students, which is an excellent opportunity to share experiences and establish guidelines for the future.

The celebration agenda will culminate on the evening of September 11 with a Starlight Star Party.

More information and registration form will be posted on our website www.fundacionstarlight.org

I International Conference Astroturism

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