The ‘Meeting of Starlight Guides and Monitors’ and ‘III Astrotourism Meeting’ move

Monasterio El Olivar in Estercuel (Teruel) will be the definitive venue for both events to be held from October 14 to 16.

2020 / 07 / 28

As the coronavirus forced to postpone the event and change venue, the "I Meeting of Starlight Guides and Monitors and III Starlight Astrotourism Meeting ", which was supposed to be held in Évora (Portugal), moves to Teruel. The new venue will be The Starlight Accommodation Monasterio El Olivar, located in the municipality of Estercuel, and the events will take place from October 14 to 16, 2020.

The Starlight Foundation has chosen this spot for its tranquility and easy of access, for being able to guarantee the pertinent safety measures, for the posibility of hosting a large number of participants and, of course, for the excelllent  quality of its sky that has enabled El Monasterio El Olivar to be accredited as a Starlight Monastery this year 2020.

The 'Meeting of Starlight Guides and Monitors' is held for the first time as an official meeting of all the people trained by the Starlight Foundation, and it is an excellent opportunity to share experiences and set guidelines for the future.

This appointment coincides with the third edition of the 'Starlight Astrotourism Meeting ', which brings together all the representatives of the Starlight territory of Spain and the rest of the world. Its objective is to find answers to the many challenges that arise in the field of astrotourism, as well as to continue establishing guidelines for the defense of the night sky and the dissemination of the astronomical knowledge.

Also, due to the difficulty of ensuring international travels, especially between Spain and countries outside the EU, it has been decided to postpone the First International Conference on Astrotourism by Starlight, on June 3, 4 and 5, 2021. The venue is still Évora (Portugal). The Starlight Foundation will shortly provide more detailed information about the Conference.


At the 'Meeting of Starlight Guides and Monitors', on October 14 and 16, the Starlight Guides and Monitors will give short presentations of their major works and lines of action.

On October 15 will take place the 'III Starlight Astrotourism Meeting’. Emerging and interesting topics in the field of astrotourism will be discussed, in order to share concerns and perspectives for the next decade.

Within this framework, four expert panels and debates will be held on cross-cutting themes of the Starlight Declaration such as: cultural values; environment, biodiversity and health; smart lighting and innovation and naturally, astrotourism as the engine of local sustainable development.

Registration and more information on the Starlight Foundation website.

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