COMPLIANCE Law on Information Society Services (LSSI) Art. 22.2 COOKIES

The CONSENT for the installation of cookies takes place BEFORE the installation of the same. An explicit consent is needed. They cannot be installed without having applied a technical measure which allows the blocking of the cookies until having stated the consent by the user or a clear affirmative action of the same. Such action must be performed by each category of cookies of which consent is required.

Information in 2 layers:

Taking into account that the manner of obtention of the consent from the user for the installation of cookies is easier, it is the called “information in two layers” (a term introduced by the Spanish Data Protection Agency, in its “Guide of cookies”), we will proceed to recommend it from Dataseg. The formula of compliance of Art. 22.2 of the LSSI, information in two layers, is simple, it is composed of two parts, two layers, in the first, the user is informed, in a quick and vivid manner of the use of cookies, the second widens the information complying with all the informative measures imposed by the legislator.


The first layer has to be a visible notice (heading or footnote, pop-up, welcome page, among others) which appears to the user just when he/she opens the web.

This first layer must inform about:

  1. The type or purpose of the cookies used.

  2. The ownership or not of the cookies.

  3. The possibility of accepting, rejecting or configuring its installation.


We use our own cookies and cookies from third parties, with the aim of studying their path through our web and optimize our offer of contents. For more information visit our Policy of cookies.


The second layer is a policy of cookies, which must be identified as an independent paragraph/link, visible from the web.

It is mostly recommended that it is independent from the notice/legal conditions (even though it is also included in it) and/or to put it jointly with the privacy policy.

*In any event, it is recommended to create a specific tab/link, with its name.

In the following policy of cookies appear the links to the different web sites, if preferred, hyperlinks can be created directly.



Basic Information of Data Protection

Responsible: Starlight Foundation

Purpose: management of navigation data and analysis of visits to the web.

Rights: its rights of access, rectification, suppression and others, such as the one that appears in the expanded information which you may know visiting our privacy policy.


In compliance with the provisions in article 22.2 of the Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services (LSSI), from the Starlight Foundation we inform you that for the correct navigation and use of the web page it is required the installation of cookies.

The aim of the installation, and therefore treatment of personal data associated to the use of this technology is the configuration of technical measures of security, personalization, and basic performance of the web (technical cookies), as well as the performance of analysis of the path through the web of the visitors and users (analytical cookies), the configuration and sample of basic advertisement (advertisement cookies).

The term of preservation of the data gathered by the cookies will be the one indicated in the table appearing below, in this same paragraph. The term will start from the conclusion of each session of the user in the web page.

You may choose to provide or not your consent to the installation of the cookies of Starlight Foundation, in the event of not accepting them, or of blocking them, the navigation through the page may not be correct. Among the most usual failures due to the non-installation of the cookies appears the error in the charge of multimedia contents, the inability to enter in the client area or to configure the preferences of use of the page.

What are the Cookies?

The cookies are small text files, which keep the information of the user and which are stored inside their own device, whether it is a PC, Tablet or mobile.

Who issues the cookies and with which purpose?

The cookies are issued by a web page, with the aim of improving the experience of navigation of the user, as well as performing analysis of their actions within the web. The cookies allow the web page which has issued them to remember the elections and characteristics of navigation of the user.

What types of cookies are there?

Cookies can be catalogued in 3 criteria:

  1. Entity managing them: If they are their own or from third parties.

  2. Term during which they remain active: Cookies of session or persisting ones.

  3. Depending on their purpose.

    1. Technical cookies (do not require consent)

    2. Personalization cookies

    3. Analysis cookies

    4. Advertisement cookies

    5. Cookies of behavioral advertising.

How do I administer cookies in my devices?

You choose if you accept or not the installation of cookies of this web page,,in your devices. You may choose the direct block of the installation of the cookies from your browser, as well as choosing the installation of some and the elimination of others.

How to configure the cookies according to your browser:

  1. Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Configuration. For more information you may visit the support of Microsoft or the Help of the Browser.

  2. Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > History > Personalized Configuration. For more information you may visit the support of Mozilla or the Help of the Browser.

  3. Chrome: Configuration > Show advanced options > Privacy -> Configuration of Content. For more information you may visit the support of Google or the Help of the Browser.

  4. Safari: Preferences > Security. For more information you may visit the support of Apple or the Help of the Browser.

  5. Opera: Configuration > Options > Advanced > For more information you may visit the support of Opera or the Help of the Browser.

*These configurations may not be available in mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

*If you use another browser different to the previous ones, check its policy of installation, use and blocking of cookies.

Cookies used in this web

The following is a list of the cookies used in this web page. This list does not have a limited nature.

OWN COOKIES (with technical purposes).






Cookie used by the encrypted language PHP to allow that the variables of SESSION are kept in the web server. These cookies are essential for the use of the web.


  • Cookies with technical purposes:







    20 years

    Cookie of Google Maps, used for the functioning of the Google map.

  • Cookies with the aim of analysis:







6 months

Implements certain uses of Google and it may store certain preferences.



1 month

Transfers statistics to Google.

  • Cookies with advertising purposes:







1 year

These cookies have the aim of improving advertisements.

Starlight Foundation and Google Analytics

With the aim of optimizing the offer of our contents, we make use of the analytic web service of Gloogle Inc.: Google analytics, which allows us to perform an ANONIMOUS monitoring of the actions of the user in our web.

The cookies installed when making use of the service of google analytics are:





2 years

Used to differentiate users


24 hours

Used to differentiate users


1 minute

It is done to limit the percentage of requests. When using googel Tag Manager it can be called

Google, Inc. has its servers in the United States of America, and it is adhered to the agreement of Privacy Shield (safety shield) which protects it of data under the conditions of the agreement EEUU – EU regarding the treatment of personal data. More information:

Cookies in Social Networks and Internet services

Likewise, it must be taken into account that cookies from third parties will be installed to all visitors of the following platforms in which Starlight Foundation has a company page and/or profile:

  1. Facebook: Cookies, pixels and other similar technologies

  2. Twitter: Policy of Data Protection and Cookies

Update of the policy of cookies and use of other cookies.

With the technological evolution the use of different cookies is very possible, therefore in the event of implementing the use of cookies which affect its privacy in a different manner to those which have been authorized previously, we will inform you and we will request your consent.

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